Aerial Videography

Try our professional aerial drone videography services provided by the CAAT(Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand)licensed drone pilots.

Since it is taken from Above(that’s our company name), Drone footage can give you never seen before perspectives with panoramic and astonishing views.

Drones can closely approach subjects and take footages, whereas helicopters have difficulty to do it due to flight altitude.

We provide professional drone aerial videography services for company video, factory video, real estate, construction progress reporting etc.
(Our fleet; DJI Phantom4, Phantom3, Inspire1, Matrice, Mavic Pro,  etc.)





タイ王国民間航空当局CAAT(Civil Aviation Authorization of Thailand)ライセンス取得済みパイロットによるプロフェッショナル空撮サービスをご希望の方はぜひご相談ください。
(Phantom4をはじめ、Inspire1やMatrice、Mavic Proなどのプロフェッショナル用途ドローンを取り揃えています。)

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